Day 1,536 – Thankful for a Menards Trip with Dominic

Dominic said he needed some supplies for a Christmas present or two. After work we loaded into the car and headed off to Menards together.

When Dad and I used to work on projects at our house we’d normally take a few trips to Menards throughout the course of the weekend. Despite our best efforts to get everything we needed the first time we always ended up missing something. Each time we would jump in the car we would shoot the bull and have a great time. We’d talk about project ideas, talk sports, talk about what we each had going on, and spent some quality chill time together. Who ever would have thought we could have such a wonderful time together running an errand like that?

On the drive tonight Dominic and I had a lot of fun shooting the bull. We talked about projects we both had in mind, we talked about what he was up to in school, we talked about work, and spent some quality chill time together. Precisely because I knew from experience we could have a wonderful time running errands together I enjoyed every single minute of it.

We walked through the store, talked about the pros and cons of different types of wood. We covered different types of joints. We made a lot of jokes as we walked through the store. We had a blast.

By the time we got home I was smiling from ear to ear.

I’m so grateful for the Menards trip with Dominic tonight. It brought back some awesome memories while creating some new ones at the same time.


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