Day 1,524 – Thankful for Taking Time to Think and Reflect Yesterday

My blog post last night was focused on being thankful for days when things don’t go as planned in the workshop. There were several things that didn’t work out as I would’ve like yesterday. When I wrote my post I took time to think through each of my errors and write notes to myself.

Today I re-read my post prior to starting to wood work again. I reviewed my mistakes from yesterday. Before doing anything else I walked through my plan modifications to salvage one of my projects. I drew it out and then proceeded to craft.

The notes from yesterday helped a ton! Instead of getting frustrated and seeing things not work out everything seemed to fall into place. In a couple of spots I paused for just a second, thought about yesterday, and then realized I needed to do something just a little different. Each time I paused I was able to figure out the right solution.

At one point I was about to glue up my project so I paused and took my time. I practiced my clamping technique one more time prior to gluing. I carefully pre-adjusted the clamps to be approximately the right size and had them lined up on an empty bench in order of application. Once I started gluing I moved slowly and methodically, double checking each piece prior to adding glue. When a piece stuck and didn’t quite fit for a second I took a deep breath, relaxed, and then fit it together. Where I felt rushed and stressed yesterday I felt totally calm and chill today.

The results were awesome – if I do say so myself. Everything worked out very well. Even when things didn’t quite go to plan I paused and figured out a way to make it work. I’d bet that no one would ever guess the issue once it is completed.

So why did today go so well? I paused to soak in the results of yesterday. I took time to assess my mistakes and determine how I could improve. I wrote notes to myself to remind myself how to improve. I didn’t get frustrated, I remembered that I am still learning and yesterday was a day full of lessons. In soaking all of that up yesterday everything flowed so much better today.

What a valuable lesson for me to remember. Take time to learn from failures and successes. Think on them. Write them down. Review prior to starting the next project.

I couldn’t show the projects themselves yet, but I figured I could share one of my weapon of choice 😉


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