Day 1,509 – Thankful an Excellent Post Office Experience and Postal Workers Working on Saturdays

One of the reasons I started blogging like this was to remember to keep an eye out for and appreciate some of the blessings in life that would go otherwise go unnoticed by me. Today’s gratitude certainly fits that bill!

There were a couple of packages we wanted to mail out so I figured I’d to it quick this morning before the post office opened. When I got there I saw a line of folks carrying various envelopes and packages on the same pilgrimage I was on. Some of them we smiling and others were a little less than pleased to have to wait. Behind the counter there were two incredibly friendly postal workers smiling and helping everyone as quickly as they could.

Onalaska Wisconsin Post Office — Post Office Fans

I just always think of my weekends as being my own time. When I have to work on a Saturday or Sunday I often groan to myself and am not super excited to work. If my family was being honest I’m sure I’m not the most pleasant company to spend time with during those times. The weekends are my time to get personal stuff done and hopefully relax for a little while. There are specific things I want to do on the weekends and work isn’t really one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my profession and career, but I also appreciate the rest of my life too.

Back to today – the lady who helped me out was super friendly and helpful. She really made it feel like I was the absolute most important thing to her in that moment. Even though there was a line continuing to grow she took her time to walk me through everything I needed and helped me get the right services. It was an excellent customer service moment and I left the post office smiling.

When I sat in my car that’s when it hit me she was working on a Saturday. Here she was, working on the weekend, and smiling the entire time. She was working so I could get the stuff done that I wanted to get done. I’m thankful for her working on a Saturday (and shared that with her). To everyone who’s working on the weekends – my sincerest of thank you’s for working during the weekends to help others and to keep the world rolling on Saturdays and Sundays!


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