Day 1,508 – Thankful for a Staycation In My Workshop

When we made our vacation plans for 2020 there was a lot of of stuff planned. Little did we know that those plans would be put on hold for a year or two. In the meantime this has led to a time off vacuum as I usually take bigger chunks of time at once. Seeing as it’s been a while since I’ve taken more than a day or so off I decided to take off today as well as Monday and Tuesday.

My morning routine was the same. Yes, I’m a sick puppy and got out of bed at my normal pre-5am time and went for a run, did my breathing exercises, and took my cold shower. I ate breakfast and then, instead of going to work, I went to my workshop for a day all to myself.

Ahh… an entire day focused on creating with my hands! Throughout the day I worked on a couple of different projects. Between gluing up one and making the last cuts on another and then routing the first while putting finish on the other there was a great balance between the two projects. As one needed time to sit aside I moved on to the other and back and forth. There’s still a lot to get done on all, but I made some serious headway today.

More importantly, my soul is at peace. My cellphone was silenced for the overwhelming majority of the day. I only checked my work email once – in a bone headed move I initially set my out of office date to the wrong day. Becky was working all day. The boys were in school all day. There were no distractions as I was able to focus 100% on being present. Interesting side note, I even caught myself working on my breathing while doing wood work – crazy! I played some loud music and jammed out. I played some classical music and chilled. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

2020 may have thrown our plans off a bit, but I’m thankful for finding a way to still go on a staycation to my workshop. Nothing like working with my hands to help me stay present and feel at peace.


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