Day 1,439 – Thankful for a Sense of Accomplishment On the First Day of a Long Weekend

Today’s been a pretty chill Saturday at home; exactly what the doctor ordered. Nothing like the first day of a long weekend setting the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Biking to yoga and back got the blood flowing. Some physical activity to kick off the day helped set the productive tone that continued through most of the day.

Back at home I tagged in on cleaning the living room. Funny how something that seems like work can be oddly relaxing when done in with the right mindset. Spending time moving furniture and cleaning under it was oddly calming and rewarding.

After lunch we pulled out Settlers of Catan and busted out a family battle. I’m always thankful for the time we spend around the kitchen table playing games and hanging out as a family.

Up I went to the workshop I went afterwards. I had an hour or so before heading to church so I took advantage of the time. There were a couple of projects I was working on that have been gathering dust over the past couple of months so I dove back in. I was surprised at how much progress I was able to make in a short period of time. By the time I had to head down it felt like I’d had more like a few hours by myself up there.

After church we hit the grocery store and knocked out almost the last of what I wanted to accomplish for the day. When we got home I had the idea to pre-make the egg bake for breakfast / brunch tomorrow before I finally settled in to type.

Now that I’m on the couch I’m feeling a great sense of accomplishment, a deep state of relaxation, and am ready for a day of relaxing on the river tomorrow… ahhh… what a great start to the long weekend!


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