Day 1,418 – Thankful for Matt’s Smoked Ribs

If you’ve read my blog over the past few weeks you’ll most likely note I’ve been focused on some deeper thoughts and gratitudes. Today? I’m going in a very different direction. Sometimes there is something that is just so good and I appreciate so much that I’ll just focus there instead of going deep.

Yeah, I was a little late taking this pic…

While camping today Matt started prepping ribs for dinner at approximately 10am. Over the next 7+ hours he continued to take care of the ribs in his smoker. Every so often he’d pause everything to focus on the ribs, slathering a delicious coating of butter and vinegar on them to help them roast to perfection. By the time they were complete they were pretty much falling off the bone.

There was a ton to be thankful for today. Many awesome moments, great memories made, and some interesting insights. All that said, eating the best ribs I’ve ever had in my entire life totally took the cake today! Each juicy, savory, delicious bite was mind glowingly amazing! Between the couple dozen of us we easily took down all 9 full racks.

Matt – thanks for working your art for all of us today, we appreciate it greatly, though our waistbands may be a little more strained 😉


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