Day 1,416 – Thankful for Gavin’s First Paycheck

There were a handful of things I am very thankful for today. The one that really sticks out was Gavin earning his first paycheck.

This week Gavin headed up to Winona along with Dominic and I to help clean up the flower beds and landscaping at our office building. Over the course of about eight hours he and Dominic pulled over half a dozen leaf bags’ worth of weeds while I worked inside. Every time I would look out the window he was on his knees pulling weeds. No complaints, no frustration, no whining, only working at his task.

Seeing the smile on his face when he’d earned his first paycheck was amazing a brought a ton of joy to my heart. Becky and I both pride ourselves on our work ethic, seeing him live into this value of ours made me smile huge. I still remember earning my first check and remembering that feeling of freedom and accomplishment. Knowing that Gavin has now felt the same I am so pumped.

Gavin – super proud of you today dude! I’m so glad you had the opportunity to earn your first check – but so much more proud of how hard you worked for it. Thank you for kicking butt! Love you dude!!!


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