Day 1,410 – Thankful for Intentional Presence

There were many ways I could have taken my blog tonight. Had I tried to give specifics and details it would never have completely told the story. Sometimes the story gets in the way of its own essence.

From wake up this morning until bed this evening I haven’t picked up my phone once. No email, no calls, no texts, no checking weather, no social media, no news, and no random surfing. It has been on my nightstand all day long and will be there throughout the overwhelming portion of tomorrow.

Throughout the overwhelming majority of the day I was focused on being intentionally present in all I was doing in the moment. I focused on not being nervous, not thinking to the future, not being worried, not thinking about things outside my control, and not letting my mind wander. I was focused on being present in all I did.

They day has been a wild one and there’s been a lot going on. That said, I’ve found deeper calm, deeper meaning, and inner peace that I wouldn’t have had if I wouldn’t have focused on being present in each moment.

Was I perfect in my endeavor? Not by a long shot. I have much improvement in front of me. Did I make progress and grow today? Yes. One step forward, many more to go.


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