Day 1,404 – Thankful for Reading Sediment Nutrient Dynamics In a River Network of a Modified Landscape; aka Becky’s PhD Thesis

This afternoon I finished reading the last chapter of Becky’s PhD thesis. Several facts were readily apparent:

  • Becky is ridiculously intelligence in science is readily apparent – though her judgement in choice of spouse is still questionable 😉
  • In order to even begin to understand what she researched I needed to read each sentence a minimum of two times.
  • The work ethic, rigor, and grit it took for Becky to complete this beast of a research project blows my mind even more.
  • The importance of her research is wild as it connects several concepts that haven’t been combined in the past (in my opinion).
  • I can’t help but continue to notice similarities between natural phenomena and the actions of individuals and groups; there were some interesting business concepts I was picking up while reading this last chapter.

The final chapter was without a doubt my favorite as it helped tie all of her past chapters together. As I read the past chapters my mind struggled with trying to understand the information. This last chapter helped me see a much more holistic view and then it really clicked for me.

So why am I thankful for “Reading Sediment Nutrient Dynamics In a River Network of a Modified Landscape” today? The conversation we had after reading it was awesome. It was fun bonding with Becky while we talked about her research in more detail as well as other potential research. While I’ve always had a fairly good idea of what she was researching I had a much better understanding which led to better conversation. Spending time engaged in dialogue with her on a topic she’s very passionate about was awesome!

Yes, it took me longer than it should have, but I’m glad I finished reading it regardless. Great information, a source of new ideas, and another way to engage with Becky… Those are all things I am very grateful for!


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