Day 1,379 – Thankful for Life Lessons In Joy From Dogs

Our two dogs are getting older and struggle a bit more with the heat and humidity than they used to. They both can easily run 4+ miles when the weather is below 75 and the humidity is next to nothing. Hot stretches like this are tough for them. They want to get outside for their runs and walks but the weather just isn’t good for them.

We waited until it was a little later in the evening and the shadows had stretched across most of the road tonight. The temperature had dropped just enough that we were able to take them for a short walk. Becky still had to bring a water bottle for Skywalker due to the heat. It was almost empty by the time we got back to the house.

There were a couple of life lessons I was reminded of when we walked the girls tonight. Kind of funny how we can learn from so many different sources, isn’t it? Here’s what I picked up on from LuLu and Skywalker tonight:

  • Live life in the present. At no point on the walk did the smiles ever leave their faces. They were happy, enjoying the moment and 100% present on the walk. No stress or nervousness, only joy in the present.
  • Some of simplest things in life are the best. All we did was go for a walk and they were so excited you’d think they found out Christmas came 6 times this month! As soon as they knew what was going on they were bouncing and whining excitedly. Over what? A walk. No destination. No goal. Just simple physical activity outside. That’s it. Simple is amazing.
  • We can learn to do almost anything. Does not having lips that can make an “O” stop Skywalker from drinking out of a water bottle? Nope! She and Becky found a way for her to get the water she needs to cool her down. It’s a little sloppy, but it works.
  • Smile when it’s over because you enjoyed the time you had. Don’t worry about wanting more. Part of what I picked up on tonight was how they were positively glowing when we got home. They didn’t whine of beg for more. They enjoyed what they had, smiled, and seemed very grateful for the experience. Sometimes instead of looking ahead to what’s next I need to pause and remind myself to appreciate what I’ve just had. Savor it for a while before wanting more.

I’m so happy we took the girls for a walk tonight. I’m not sure who got more out of kit, me, them, or all of us. Regardless, I’m grateful for the life lessons in joy I was able to learn from them.


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