Day 1,377 – Thankful for Three Day Weekends

This one seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? No tricks up my sleeve or crazy deep thoughts on this one, just the straightforward gratitude of having a bonus day.

It’s funny how much more productive we can be with a full day off. When I think about it of course I have the overwhelming majority of the day to myself on a work day, but the time doesn’t quite flow the same way before and afterwards. The off time isn’t quite as productive as when I have the full day off to focus.

Having a bonus day attached to the weekend is something I’m always thankful for. It’s a full extra day, and it often feels like two or more days depending on what I’m focused on.

This weekend that meant I had extra time to spend on the over with the family, to go for a long bike ride, to head to church, to work on the last few parts of the deck, to teach Gavin how to change a doorknob. All of those things AND then add an extra day! How awesome is that?

Today most of the day was spent driving, but even then I’m thankful for doing it in a three day weekend. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish nearly half of what I wanted to while also enjoying more than my fair share of relaxing time had this been the normal two day weekend.

Ahh… bonus time. I’m always thankful for that!


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