Day 1,374 – Thankful for My Work Buddy and Handyman – Dominic

My work day today was AWESOME!!! I had the opportunity to spend much of the day with an incredible commute and work buddy. Dominic decided he wanted some time out of the house and asked to join me on a road trip to our Eau Claire office and I was glad he did.

The entire hour and a half drive there and hour and a half drive back home was filled with conversation. We shot the bull the whole time we were in the car and covered everything form careers to jokes. Spending time with him explaining what our business does was pretty cool. Having some bonus time in the day with him was even cooler.

Once we got to the office he put on his handyman hat and went to town. Dominic helped move an old desk out of the office and into storage. He proceeded to take apart the outside of a couple of our AC units and cleaned out all the pollen, leaves, and cottonwood. Heck, he even put them back together afterwards, something that would be a solid 50/50 bet at best if I did it 😉 Was he done there? Nope, he proceeded to help me out some other stuff including programming the garage door opener for the office.

We grabbed some lunch on the way home and jumped right back into conversation. At one point my heart was overfilled with joy when he randomly stopped the conversation and thanked me for taking him up with me today. How awesome is that??? Thinking of that puts a huge smile on my face.

I’m so thankful he had the opportunity to get his hands dirty and get some work done for our business. Spending time with him in the car talking with him one on one like that was priceless. I hope he remembers some of these moments as I do, both as a father and son, for the rest of his life. Dominic singlehandedly made it an incredibly rewarding and memorable day for me today.

Thanks Bud! So glad you enjoy spending time with your old man. Love you Dude!!!


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