Day 1,337 – Thankful for Experiencing the Storm Front Up Close & Personal

We went for our family walk after supper. The air grew more and more charged as we walked. The pressure was building. To our southwest a massive storm cloud was heading our way. The humidity seemed to rise with almost every step. It was awesome!

This was a storm front we saw a few years back when we were out west.

By the time we got home the storm front had continued to close in on us. I had plenty of time to get a few things done outside. One of our neighbors came out to get his mail and we had a great socially distant conversation. It seemed like the storm front continued it’s slow march across the sky, one step closer to us with each word we spoke. When the seething clouds were just about overhead we both headed back to our homes.

Dominic was outside with me by now and we both opted to stand outside while the storm bore down on us. We stood in the driveway with our eyes wide with awe as the first blast of wind, real storm front wind, came ripping through. The tree in the north east corner of our neighbor’s yard seemed to explode in a flurry of helicopters that were on a kamikaze mission towards our heads. Gust after gust buffeted us. We were both smiling, laughing, and awestruck.

Gavin popped outside by us to take in the view. The trees swayed further than they seemed able to, but there was no cracking sound. More helicopters flew around our heads and faces while our gaze shifted from the aerial bombardment to the roiling clouds to the bending trees. After a while the rain finally let loose and we took this as our cue to exit.

There is so much in life to be thankful for. Sometimes these perfect moments get overlooked as we rush from one event to the next or are focused on something different. Tonight we captured that moment. We savored that moment. We were 100% present in the moment. We were thankful for that moment. The power and beauty of nature are awesome.


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