Day 1,336 – Thankful for River Life and Re-reading On Writing by Stephen King

We packed up lunches, beverages, and snacks and headed out to our pontoon. This was the first time of getting out on the beach this year. The weather started cloudy and then quickly brightened right up (just like my skin from the little sunburn I got!).

The boys ran around, splashed in the water, and went right back to the same shenanigans they had on the water last year. Becky and I likewise returned to our beach normal – relaxing and reading.

Dominic took the steering wheel and took us on a ride after we’d left our personal sandbar. I was pumped about having someone else drive so I could chill.

There have been many changes over the past few months. In jumping back to river life today everything felt exactly normal. Our normal river routine was totally untouched by anything even remotely COVID-19 related. Heck, I even only checked my cellphone once and that was only to make sure Mother Nature wasn’t going to throw us a surprise. Nothing quite like time to completely chill with the family doing something we love – especially when it brings back feelings of normalcy.

When our team decided to read Grit I started to remember the power of a deep dive into a great book. With that in mind I decided that my river life buddy for the day would be Stephen King. Okay, maybe not Stephen King himself, but the next best thing… his book On Writing.

This time I skipped the personal life story at the beginning. I went straight for what I was looking for. He lays out his toolbox for all writers and then walks through how he crafts a story. I’ve been stalled on writing and his words reminded me of how to jump back in. The lessons he quickly taught on grammar sunk right in. When I re-read this blog post I’ll see just how well his training stuck.

Quite often I reach for the new book. The one that just came out. The flashy one that others are talking about. I consume it quickly, but not always completely. Books like this remind me to go back for a second helping and take more time to enjoy it.


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