Day 1,320 – Thankful for an Awesome Spring Bike Ride and River Trail Cycles

This afternoon we hit the bike trails for the first time this season on bikes.  After several weeks of hiking it was awesome to hop on the bikes and head out.  It’s been quite a few years since we’d last take the Sparta Elroy Trail through the old train tunnel.  The weather just got better and better as we pedaled our way out and back while enjoying the beautiful vistas from the trail.  I’m pumped to get back out with the family again soon!


When Gavin crashed his bike a few weeks ago we decided to upgrade bikes a little.  I’ve been looking at getting a new bike for a while and the boys have been growing right through bikes at a rapid clip.  We decided I’d pick up a new bike and pass mine to Dominic and pass Dominic’s to Gavin.  Odds are we’ll be buying them both new ones soon with as quickly as they’re growing.

Back in the day the boys enjoyed taking part in the YMCA Kids Triathlon.  Each year the team from River Trail Cycles was there volunteering.  Emily and the team were always smiling and helping kids tune up their bikes before the race.  Becky and I always thought it was so awesome that they gave back like that.  I’m not sure who’s smiles were bigger, the kids who were getting their bikes fixed or Emily and the team.  It was awesome to watch and we were greatly appreciative of their help in getting the boys’ bikes ready.

This time around the River Trail Cycles team took excellent care of me.  Dan helped me pick out the right bike based on getting to know how I’d be using it.  He went the extra mile to make sure I got one that was the right size even though it meant extra work for them and the same price for me.  Emily kept in touch as they got the bike ready for me and was super helpful and friendly when I acme to pick it up.  Long story short, they’re a wonderful locally owned business with incredible customer service.  Throw in the volunteer work they do and how could I not be thankful for them?  Thank you Emily, Dan, and the rest of the River Trail Cycles team for the awesome support and service!!!


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