Day 1,319 – Thankful for Reminders of How Small of a World It Is and an Assorted Bag of Other Awesomeness

When I got home from shooting the Get Ahead video yesterday Becky was chuckling and explained how one of her friends and co-worker had just sent her a message saying she’d just seen my video on another friend’s Facebook page. It turns out Becky’s co-worker went to school with the franchisee of another Express office! How crazy is that? I always find it interesting to see those moments like that when I get an opportunity to see just how interconnected we all are. Seems like these types of moments happen only once in a dozen blue moons.

Imagine my surprise when I had the same thing happen, only even more crazy, within 24-ish hours! I posted a gratitude video for two of the folks from Express HQ who worked in the background to put the video together. One of my good friends from here in La Crosse, WI said how much she loved my Express HQ friend from OKC. Yup, my mind was pretty much blown at that one! Turns out they’d met years ago in Madison and had build a friendship prior to one of them moving. How crazy is that??? These moments had me smiling throughout the day.

Isn’t it wild to know that the world is actually a pretty small place. If we try hard enough we’re bound to find a friend or at least a friend of a friend nearby in almost any situation.

The day itself has been a very solid one. Throughout it I’ve had several moments in which I had a “blog worthy” gratitude. There was wonderful in depth conversation that helped me see when my actions, intentions, and best self don’t always line up. My teams all head great days and made huge progress. Following up on comments and questions from yesterday was a great way for me to help others. Great time with others via Zoom tonight. Dominic made a delicious supper for us. Becky, Dominic, and I had a great walk before dinner.


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