Day 1,308 – Thankful for Bonus Wedding Anniversary Memories

Thank you again to everyone for all of the anniversary wishes today! Talk about making a couple feel loved 😁 One of our neighbors, Margie, even rushed out her front door to wish us an in person Happy Anniversary as we walked by their house – how awesome is that??? Thanks again Margie!!!

We had a great evening together and wrapped it up by going back through old photos in our wedding albums. Seeing how much younger all of us were 18 years ago was wild! Where have the years gone? It warmed our hearts to go back through so many photos of loved ones. Each smiling face brought back memories.

There were a handful of smiles that brought back some extra special memories. Spending some time remembering our grandparents really filled my heart.

Grandpa O did an amazing job officiating the wedding. Grandma O’s always big smile. Hearing stories from Grandpa Thums when he was a kid.

Of all of my hugs with Grandma Lamping that’s one that I’ll always remember clearly. Seeing the picture above and also a picture of that hug were like getting a hug from her from above. What an anniversary present that was tonight!

Thank you all to everyone who was there celebrating our wedding with us, in person or in spirit. Your presence made our day all the more special!


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