Day 1,300 – Thankful for Remembering an Epic Concert Roadtrip from 25+ Years Ago

During a walk this afternoon Becky and I somehow brought up Aerosmith.  There were a couple of their songs that played in my head while we walked but I didn’t think too much of it.  Later in the afternoon I went up to my workshop and decided to turn on some music.  Aerosmith was still top of mind so I fired up their greatest hits album – Big Ones.

As I sanded my latest project I caught myself singing along with some classic Aerosmith tunes.  I chuckled when I realized that my sanding was to the beat of the songs I was listening to.  After a while I was totally drifting off while sanding (one of the reasons I kind of enjoy the basic task).

My mind was back in 1994.  On a Friday morning my buddy Garwood and I headed out of Phillips.  We took his white Ford Festiva on road trip to go see his brother in La Crosse.    so much great music was played in the car on the way there.  I still remember us singing along to so many songs.  It was awesome!

The visit was a short one, we immediately left La Crosse and headed off with one of his brother’s friends to Milwaukee to watch Aerosmith.  Quick side note, one of my all time favorite road trip memories happened on the ride from La Crosse to Milwaukee.  I was pretty exhausted and have a tendency of falling asleep while riding in a car.  I must have drifted off because I remember waking up to Garwood’s brother, Mike, screaming at the top of his lungs, “OH MY GOD WE’RE GOING TO DIE!!!”  That certainly caught my attention and my head jerked up and was on a swivel trying to figure out how horrible our deaths were going to be.  That’s about when the laughter enveloped the car.  It was AWESOME!!!  I’ll never forget that!

The concert was amazing and my first huge concert.  What an experience!  Jackal opened for Aerosmith and played The Lumberjack; the song involving a chainsaw.  From there Aerosmith provided an incredible experience.  Song after song of hits.  The energy that Steven Tyler and the rest of the band put off was wild.  Almost everyone song was sung by the entire crowd.  Of the entire night I think that Dream On was the song that stands out.  The entire event (and the road trip home) were surreal.

We headed back up north on Saturday morning and enjoyed another few hours of listening to great music, shooting the bull, and talking about some of the more important things in life like D&D.  How awesome to have so much time hanging out one on one with one of your best friends?  Just thinking about that road trip and the others like them leave me smiling ear to ear.

It’s funny, that’s another piece of the concert experience that I think I don’t take time to appreciate nearly as much as it deserves.  The prep, drive, road trip, pre-game, and after party of the concert are just as important as the concert itself in many ways.  I’ve got many great concert memories, but there seem to be even more awesome memories from the road trip to the show and the ride home.

Image 006

Garwood – can you believe that was over 25 years ago???  Holy crap!!!  Dude, thank you again for the invite to the show.  What an awesome experience that I’ll always be thankful for.  Great times road tripping with best friends, it doesn’t get much better than that.


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