Day 1,299 – Thankful for Fresh Air Exercise with Family and Creativity Induced by Limited Resources

This morning we took our family hike out at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge.  Talk about some near perfect weather for being outside as a family!  While hiking we saw so much wildlife including ducks, woodpeckers, frogs, snakes, turtles, a caterpillar, and a muskrat.  Being outside in the sun, outside of the house, and wandering around an area we haven’t gone to often was great.  Even better was the time spent as a family enjoying all of this together.  Throw in some exercise through the 15-ish mile hike and it was a wonderful start to the week.  Looking forward to the 20 miler next week!


One of the insights I picked up from the Safer At Home situation was very much unexpected today.  For some reason I was thinking of making meatballs for supper.  As luck would have it we had plenty of ground turkey, but no eggs, no tomato sauce and no spaghetti noodles.  Throw in no mozzarella and most of the natural go to’s I would have done with meatballs were out.  Sure, I could run to the store, but we’re doing our best to only go once every one to two weeks.  This left me with a an interesting decision that led to the insight.  I could run to the store and grab what we needed for the traditional meatball stuff, I could switch gears and make something completely different, or I could still have my meatballs but create something completely different.

As soon as I chose to create something different I was working with limited resources.  I had to cruise through the kitchen to see what we had and figure out a way to make a complete meal using only what we had.  Practicing creativity like this was a blast!

Before I knew it I had cooked up two type of meatballs.  One was Mexican themed with black bean quinoa and the other used a box of Stove Top.  The Mexican meatballs got dunked in taco sauce.  The stuffing meatballs were cut in half and added to a pizza.  Not just any pizza – like I said, we didn’t have pizza sauce or mozzarella.  This was a ranch, meatball, red & banana pepper pizza with rinsed cottage cheese.  Yup, talk about something totally ridiculous, but it ended up tasting great!  Sure, I could have picked up just anything from the store to complete it the normal way, but having to improvise and utilize creativity was awesome.

It really got me thinking…  One of the things that has happened a lot recently is that there are resources that are now much more limited to “the ‘Rona.”  How can I find ways to turn those limited resources into a creativity based game?  Sure it’s always nice to have unlimited resources, but there’s such a challenge to working with you hands cuffed a little.


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