Day 1,287 – Thankful for the Smell of Wood Finish, Memories of a Great Trip, and Watching The Office with Dominic

This evening I was putting the first coat of finish on my most recent project.  After letting it sit for 30 minutes I went back up to my workshop to wipe it down.  Each step up the stairs increased a wonderful smell that I seem to remember always being in our house when I was growing up.  It seemed like there was always something in the process of being stained or painted.  Each time I smell almost any type of wood finish I can’t help but think back to home.  After all these years I still love that smell!

A year ago today Becky and I were chilling in New Orleans with our friends Kris & Justin.  It was AWESOME!!!  Becky and I cruised back through our pics of that long weekend.  I am amazed at home much fun and food we packed into one weekend.  At a time when we’re all staying home it was a sweet release to spend time mentally traveling back in time and enjoying a wonderful trip.


Sooo…  I was going to head to bed early after not sleeping so well last night, but then I started watching The Office with Dominic.  Over the past few days he’s been spending a lot of time chilling on his own, it was great to spend a little time laughing and joking with him while watching comedy.  Throw in a little time in the workshop earlier and it was nice spending more time with him tonight!



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