Day 1,285 – Thankful for Creating In a Different Workshop, a Long Walk In the Sun, One of the Stories I Appreciate Hearing, and a Movie Stirring Up Travel Ideas

Who says I need to be in my workshop in order to create stuff?  Today I spent some time creating some other stuff.  I always find it fun to try new things and experiment a bit.  Instead of doing it up in my workshop today most of the exploration was done in the kitchen.  Lunch was turkey burgers stuffed with bacon and cheese.  Supper was homemade pizza.  Dessert was something completely new, Oreo cream cheese balls.  Being able to start a project and complete it within a couple of hours is a wonderful feeling and something I’m always grateful for.

Right after lunch we took a nice long walk as a family.  The sun was out and it felt so wonderful to get fresh air and vitamin D after a rainy yesterday.  I know I just blogged about it a couple of days ago but taking the time to move, be outside, and spend time with family is a pretty sweet combo.

Another benefit of “home church” is being able to adjust the times a bit.  Today we went to church in the late afternoon.  One of the stories I appreciate hearing the most was the central topic of the day.  The story of Jesus praying in the garden remains one of the moments I appreciate most in the entire bible.  It is in that moment that his humanness is evident and yet the humanness of others shows its frailty even more.  Each time I hear this story it seems to hit me son a different level.  Today there were a few other thoughts on it that I’d really like to blog about, but they aren’t quite there yet.  Who knows, maybe after our long hike tomorrow they’ll be more fully formed.  Regardless, hearing the story again got my brain and soul both working in high gear.  I am so thankful for hearing that story each year, it helps prepare me for the Easter season.


A couple of nights ago I may have let Gavin stay up a little late and maybe showed him the preview for the 2015 version of Point Break.  I know, it’s not the best movie ever by a long shot, but there are two pieces that jump out most.  The first is how the “bad guy” isn’t necessarily very clear until much further in.  Again, another blog for another day 😉  What is ready to blogged about tonight are the breath taking and stunning visuals on location at some naturally gorgeous places.  Italy, Austria, Mexico, Venezuela, and many other locations all shine brighter than the stars throughout the movie.  Seemingly every 15 minutes I caught myself making notes about places to add to the bucket list.  Angel Falls in Venezuela?  Yup, that’s a must see!


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