Day 1,257 – Thankful for a Saturday Working with Friends and Watching Gavin Level Up

Today was our annual Super Saturday at Express. Everyone from our 10 or so local offices get together in Rochester. It’s an awesome event to provide an opportunity to spend time training together to better serve our clients, associates, and teammates. Being able to spend time together bonding, getting to know each other better, joke around, and have a great time together is a wonderful bonus.

You know you’re working with the right people when you see working on a Saturday less as work and more as an opportunity to hang out with great friends you don’t get to see nearly as often as you’d like. It is so awesome that we also learned so many new ways to help people while enjoying time as an Express family. I’m so grateful for our time together today!

Once Super Saturday was wrapped up I had just enough time to catch Gavin’s last basketball game of the day. The result was one we’ve become used to throughout the season, but that didn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the opportunity to watch him play. Gavin’s first season of basketball ever is almost done (at least one game tomorrow) and his third game was an opportunity for me to see just how much he’s grown in only a handful of months.

As he played it reminded me of playing video games as a kid. When you’d accomplish a certain task or beat a specific level you “leveled up.” After leveling up your character gained additional strengths and was ready to proceed to the next level. While Gavin played It was clear to see that he’d truly leveled up this season. So many skills have improved and increased, but there’s still a long ways for him to go. The most important thing I’ve seen him improve is his ability to get back on defensive in a dead sprint when the other team gets a fast break. He puts everything he has into stopping the other player; I’m so thankful for his grit. It has me giddy to see him on a soccer field again after what he’s just picked up in basketball.

Today I was surrounded by friends and family – many times people filled the roles of both. I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my work family and friends and also at home with family who are amongst my best friends. What a blessed day it’s been!


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