Day 1,256 – Thankful for Time with Dominic, Luck Leading to Fun, and Staying Present

Just as Gavin and I have had a lot of time with just the two of us Dominic and I had a ton of time together after work tonight. Becky was watching the son of a friend and Gavin is at a sleepover so it was just Dominic and I. We’d talked about what might be fun to do. We had a few ideas, but everything we wanted to do seemed to require at last three or more people. Some of these ideas included an escape room, axe throwing, and a handful of others. We figured we’d call one of Dominic’s friends and his dad, a friend of mine. Unfortunately they were out on the escape room so we were back to only two. Seeing as they all involved having three or more and we were only a group of we finally got frustrated and decided to grab a bite to eat instead.

I hadn’t been to a Jersey Mike’s before, Dominic said I’d like it, and we were off. Shortly after ordering our subs (which were delicious) we were just thinking about other options and Dominic mentioned the name of his friend. I kid you not, at that exact moment his friend and my friend walked in the restaurant! What are the odds of that??? We ended up shooting the bull and Dominic and I decided to go bowling. Bowling worked out well for them as well so we were off to bowl! Our skills were not great, but we were all pretty evenly matched. More importantly, we had a ton of fun! Isn’t it nice when things just happen to luck out like that?

After bowling Dominic and I were shooting the bull and enjoying some time together. For some dumb reason my brain started thinking about work. After a short moment I realized that I was drifting away from the present and into something that did not matter one bit in the moment. I shook my head to get the thoughts out, mentally pictured myself flipping the switch, and I was 100% back to the present. The more I pay attention to moments like that the more I realize that I have a lot of work to do in being more present. I am so thankful I caught it quickly, re-focused, and was able to lose less than minute of precious time with Dominic. The present is where I should be, I am thankful for making progress.

The time I have had with Dominic has been perfect. Nothing too crazy, nothing too deep, or anything like that. It was just chill time. Lighthearted conversation, joking around, and enjoying each others company. That is pretty much perfect!


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