Day 1,247 – Thankful for Awareness, Preparation, Focus, and Presence

There was a point in my day when I thought I was about to go bonkers.  My brain had approximately three thousand thoughts and tasks going through it all at once.  It almost felt like the world was spinning out of control and out of my grasp in every direction.  There was a numbness starting to flow out of my brain and then I realized that in about five minutes I had to be 100% focused and locked in on the task at hand.  In that instant my heart sunk even more.


Out of nowhere a giggle bubbled up.  By the time it lifted from my gut and came out my mouth it was a full blown laugh.  I couldn’t help myself but laugh and say out loud to myself, “you dumbass!”  It was like I was Red Forman and Eric Forman all rolled into one.  In that instant the fog of the chaos of stuff in my brain started to lift.  I was suddenly aware of what was happening; of where I’d made mistake.  I wasn’t present.

Once I realized my mistake of getting so caught up in everything I paused and smiled wide.  I’ve prepped for this.  I’ve done much to help myself out in these exact situations.  There’s so much I’ve read, so much I’ve done, and so much practice I’ve had in taking a breath and focusing on being present.  All of that preparation helped me take the next step in confidence.

I paused and went to a simple way to focus.  Three long deep breaths.  Saying out loud to myself, “I am right here.  I am right now.  I am in the present.  Focus”.  Before I even started the second sentence I could feel the shift.  All the “stuff” in my brain quieted… except for what I needed to be focused on in that moment.  All the other garbage, worries, ideas, thoughts, and other “stuff” could wait for another time.  I was focused.

With that focus I felt 100% present in the moment.  There was no stress or worry.  I knew what I needed to do and was confident in my ability to do it.  It felt amazing to be in the zone and the flow in the moment.

So today I am truly thankful for awareness, preparation, focus, and presence.  It would have been so easy for me to work myself into a mess and screw up a wonderful opportunity.  Instead I not only took full advantage (and then some!) of the opportunity, but I also remembered that I am 100% responsible for my ability to be present.  Regardless of what is going on around or within me at any given moment I have the ability and power within myself to calm my mind, focus, and be present in the moment.  What a wonderful reminder that was today.


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