Day 1,231 – Thankful for Two Thought Provoking Books From Outside My Normal Wheelhouse

With all the driving Ive done recently it’s been a wonderful opportunity to amp up my reading.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed a couple of books that are outside of my normal reading cycle (in addition to some that were within my usual topics).  Both of them have stuck out for very different reasons.


The first was How to Read Water by Tristan Gooley.  I don’t know that I’ll ever quite look at ripples, waves, swells and tides the same.  There were so many interesting facts about water that I’d never heard before.  While I’m not planning on boating to some crazy location across the ocean anytime soon I can tell you that if I did I’d certainly pay more attention to the types of birds I saw.  Heck, I even finally understand the concept of using a sextant now.  Every stream I’ve driven past recently I’ve tried to decipher if it was a highland or lowland stream.  Crazy, so many interesting things about water that I hadn’t known before and can’t help but look for now.  It even kind of inspired me to consider fly fishing!

I’m almost halfway through Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and I’m very much enthralled by it.  He’s covered so much already I can’t believe there at least this much more to go.  The general concept is talking about the history of humankind.  Amongst some of the more interesting things I’ve found so far are why humans thrived over other animals, how many different types of human-like creatures there were back in the day, and the impact of farming culture.  One of the concepts that still has my head reeling is the concept that humans were domesticated by wheat…  For reals, I know it sounds crazy but read the book and you’ll see what I mean.  Hint, wheat caused humans to stop roaming and stay in one spot.  All in all it’s been incredibly thought provoking and is helping me see the world through a slightly different lens.  To be clear, I’m not sure I believe 100% of what he’s saying, but even the stuff I am in disagreement with has me thinking.

Two great books from outside what I’d normally read.  Nice change of pace and info that translates into other aspects of life.  I’m thankful I took the time to pick them up.


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