Day 1,230 – Thankful for Winter Driving and Snowblowing

There sure was a lot of snow this morning, wasn’t there? Between not having too many heavy snow days and focusing on being positive about winter I found it quite beautiful today.

The drive back from Mom’s was uneventful; another thing I’m thankful for. Part of the reason it went so well is all of the time I’ve spent driving on snowy roads.

Even before I started driving I loved the snow covered roads. I still remember enjoying the way Dad would spin and slide the truck on purpose on snowy roads to get a laugh out of Nick and I. The way the truck handle in the snow was awesome; so different from normal driving. When you grow up in northern WI you pretty much have no choice but to learn how to drive in the snow. My one year at Michigan Tech further pushed my snow driving experience. All those miles have helped me get more comfortable with driving on snowy roads. Of course I’d prefer perfectly clear roads, but in a very weird way I really enjoy snowy roads. They provide an opportunity to test my skills and help me improve on my winter driving. This interest in driving in snow and the years of experience have helped me feel confident in my winter driving skills, but the times I’ve made mistakes have also helped me not become arrogant. Rather, those experiences seem to be around the corner to humble me should I get a little too confident and it’s the fear of another humbling experience that keeps me focused. I’m thankful for all those miles and years of winter driving and the confidence they’ve built.

My inner teenager is going to throw a fit over this next comment, but I was really looking forward to snowblowing today! Twisted, right? For some reason I was craving the task of doing something with a clear end goal and immediate progress. Being outside, doing physical activity, and working on something that doesn’t require a huge amount of mental exercise was exactly what the doctor ordered. How crazy, I was thoroughly excited about and grateful for the opportunity to do a chore I would’ve groaned about when I was younger. Today snowblowing was awesome!


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