Day 1,220 – Thankful for Laughing On the Couch with My Family

I’m thinking back through the past several days much of my blogging has been more deeply focused. Even today there were a handful of directions I was going to go, but one thing really jumped to the front of the line by the end of the night.

Becky and I have occasionally remembered great movies from way back in the day and once in a while we remember to dig them up to watch them with the boys. On Sunday we fired up Austin Powers and they really enjoyed it. Tonight we unexpectedly had an extra hour and a half of everyone at home so we fired up the second Austin Lowers movie.

After being gone last night it felt wonderful to set the rest of the world to the side, all pull up some room on our couch (one day I’m pretty sure I should be thankful for our sectional and love seat) and just laugh. The times when we were all laughing were by far and away the highlights of my day. Time with my family, sharing time and laughter, pretty much perfect.


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