Day 1,177 – Thankful for Sunrises on Super Cold Mornings

What do you appreciate the most about extremely cold days? Is it something you notice or see more clearly when it’s an arctic wonderland? What are you reminded to be thankful for in weather like this?

While heading up to Eau Claire this morning I was fortunate to catch this amazingly beautiful sunrise. I’d been enjoying the view for a while and once I saw the steam rising from the creek I knew it was time to pull over for a moment.

The air was so cold that everything seemed to be a little more clear. The landscapes were more crisp than normal. I don’t know if it’s just me being weird or if it has to do with the cold, but I swear everything looks a little more vibrant on cold days like this.

I’m also incredibly grateful for a working car heater – that would’ve been a long and chilly ride without one!

To be honest, I’m much more of a warmer weather person. That said, there’s still some awesomeness to be found in the cold. This morning I was reminded that even the extreme cold can warm the soul when I choose the right attitude.


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