I really don’t know how or why, but the platypus has been one of my favorite animals for a very long time. A total enigma of an animal the platypus is beyond awesome on so many different levels. From being a mammal with a duckbill to laying eggs to being poisonous (only the males) it is about as crazy of a hodgepodge of an animal as you’ll ever find.

Seeing a live platypus is something I’ve wanted to see for a very long time. Videos are cool and all, but seeing one in person was something I’d added to my dream list several years ago. Up until a month or so ago there were only platypuses in Australian Zoos; San Diego got a pair less than a month ago.

Today we headed off to the Taronga Zoo in Sidney. As soon as we arrived we made a beeline for the Platypus House; yes, that is totally a thing! It was nerve wracking at first as we didn’t see anything in their area. After a handful of suspenseful moments the little guy finally appeared and was playfully spinning, diving, and swimming in his enclosure.

It was AWESOME!!! Talk about an experience that was even cooler than I’d imagined. I could’ve spent an entire day watching him zip around in his habitat. In many ways it didn’t even seem real. We may have gone back a couple of times throughout our visit to the zoo. 😉

Thanks again Becky for helping me knock another off the dream list!!!


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