Day 1,156 – Thankful for Sneakily Strenuous Yoga, a Delicious Pie from Grant, Mentally Prepping for Difficulty, and the Out of Office Feature

Yoga felt awesome tonight, but it was sneakily strenuous!  Beth did an awesome job of getting us thinking it’d be a little more chill before she quickly dialed up the intensity.  While I was initially most interested in the mentally chill piece of yoga today the strength work she put us through was exactly what the doctor ordered.  What a neat surprise!


To counter balance the healthy impact of yoga we finished up our pumpkin cheesecake from Grant.  For the second year in a row he created an incredibly tasty treat for our family.  That dude is one tremendous cook!  Thanks again for making our Thanksgiving a little extra special Grant!!!

I had some important stuff to take care of up in Eau Claire today.  As we all know the weather forecast from last night for today was pretty sketchy.  With that in mind I started prepping myself last night for a slow and snowy ride up north.  I fired up a great audiobook, had my coffee, and turned on the seat heater while taking my sweet time driving today.  Had I not paused to get my head in the right place I surely would’ve been frustrated when I got stuck behind slow moving traffic.  Thanks to the peace of mind I’d already created I was sure to stay a long ways back and didn’t get frustrated in the least.  I need to remember to do that more often when I’m prepping for something difficult.

On my way out of the office today I turned on the “Out of Office” feature in my email.  What a great way to mentally flip the switch to vacation mode.  I might even end up shutting down email on my phone while I’m out!  My blood pressure has already dipped knowing everyone will get that wonderful auto-reply for now.


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