Day 1,155 – Thankful for Stubbing My Toes On Vacation Memories

Yeah, I’m even questioning my blog title on this one. I’m going to stick with a writing lesson from Stephen King (not even close to a direct quote, but my best recollection of it)… when writing use the first phrasing that comes to mind. You could always change it to be better but the first version is usually the truest.  In my head I can see what I’m thankful for and stubbing my toe was the first thing that came to mind.

Imagine me walking in the dark of the night. Not too closely, no one needs that horribly scarring imagine in their head! Just minding my own business as I shamble into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Out of nowhere and completely unexpectedly a bolt of lighting explodes from the ground straight up my big toe! Bang!!! Only the practice of doing this in the past helps me swallow the screaming of expletives that are about to erupt just split seconds after the pain hits.  I take a deep breath, clench my fists, and hold still for a moment.  Whew…  the pain subsides and I walk towards the kitchen again for my water.  A few steps and BANG!!!  Found the other leg of the couch.  The process repeats…

How’s that for a strange comparison to something awesome that I’m thankful for?  Like I said, I’m just rolling with how I saw it in my head 😉

Today I was wandering through the day and BANG!!!  I drilled my toe on a seemingly random vacation memory.  After taking a moment to savor the memory I did my best to keep a straight face and get back to the task at hand.  Shortly afterwards BANG!!! I’d run smack dab into another vacation memory.  The process repeated over and over throughout the day.  Instead of extreme pain each stubbing on a toe was followed by an extreme amount of joy.


My thoughts today went to a Thanksgiving meal of pretzels in Germany at the Epcot Center as a kid.  There were several memories of New Zealand, specifically touring the Maori cultural center.  Remembrances of our trip to Australia were frequent as was time in Hawaii.  Memories of trips to Belize were also very clear and common.  Seemingly around every corner I stubbed my toe on a past vacation memory and each one was amazing!

It’s no secret, taking trips to experience and see new things is a passion of mine.  All of the times I stubbed my toes today reminded me of how thankful I am to focus on creating so many awesome memories in following my passion.


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