Day 1,115 – Thankful for Snuggling In the Warm & Comfy Musical Hoodie of Weezer

There’s something magical about a well broken in sweatshirt on a cool day. Way too big, super comfy, feels likes home, and it’s been with you so long it’s almost a part of you. On a cool fall day you throw it on and the world is suddenly transformed for the better.

The hoodie I decided to wear to warm me up this evening was Weezer. As soon as my brain thought “Weezer” a grin crossed my face as I feverishly thumbed my iPhone’s Music app.

As I hit play I could feel myself snuggling into one of my favorites…

“I’ve got a Dungeon Master’s Guide, I’ve got a twelve sided die…”

All my stress melted away…

“Flip on the telly, wrestle with…”

Ahh… nothing like a warm and comfy sweatshirt on a cool fall day like this.


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