Day 1,097 – Thankful for Tremendous Improvement and Family Time – Entire, Solo, and Extended

Isn’t awesome when you get to witness tremendous improvement?  Today I’m so thankful to see such improvement from Gavin in his game.  The comparison of today to last week was a huge step forward for him.  There’s still much for him to work on but it was great to see him learning from last week’s experience.  I can’t wait to see his progress over the next few weeks as well.


All throughout the day I’ve been blessed to have so much family time.  The morning started out with a walk with Becky and I.  Dominic and I shared some great conversation as I made supper.  Becky, Gavin, and I had time together while driving.  We ate dinner as a full family.  Ken & Mary, Matt, and Tabitha & Mason all met us at the game.  I had some fun conversation with my mom and texted with my brother.  To have so many different variations fo family time and experience together has been outstanding.  I’m so appreciative of all that time together; it’s filled my heart with joy all day long.


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