Day 1,096 – Thankful for the Generosity of Becky

Tonight at church Father Dodge focused on generosity, giving, and remembering to take care of others first.  He shared a couple of ways he’s learned to remember to take care of others and then he asked us a question.  How do you remember to give to others?

My answer hit me immediately.  I listen to what Becky suggests.  I learn from what Becky does.  I follow Becky’s example.  Pretty straightforward.  When you’re married to an incredibly generous person you’ve kind of got it made.


While it wouldn’t be right to share a bunch of the examples, one doesn’t have to look any further back than about twelve hours ago.  She and Gavin volunteered at the YMCA 5k/Half Marathon.  Instead of sleeping in she got up, got moving and helped others.

Through the entirety of the time I’ve known her she’s always the first to sign up for bringing a meal, helping out, and volunteering.  When we make charitable donations they are usually started and increased due to her idea, input, and influence.  It never fails.  If someone needs help Becky’s right there to step up and take action.

I often catch myself looking inward.  When I observe Becky she is usually focused outward towards others.  It’s so easy to pause, see the world through her eyes, and then take the right action.  I’m so blessed to have a life partner who can help me become a better person.

While Father Dodge never ended up calling on me tonight you now know why my hand went up when he asked how we remember to be generous.  In that same moment I was reminded of just how appreciative I am for the generosity of Becky.  The way she lives her life is a constant example of giving to others in so many ways.


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