Day 1,094 – Thankful for Tough Love Parent Role Models

For a period of time this week and today I haven’t been Gavin’s favorite parent. He wanted to skip soccer practice to go to the Oktoberfest parade this evening. Skipping practice would mean that he’d get to the parade early. Attending practice meant he might miss the first 10-15 minutes of the parade.

Tonight he was adamant and emotional about skipping practice. From past lessons learned from my parents I gave him an option. We only had to discuss the options twice before he made the correct decision.

My parents are the best. They taught us discipline and grit. When it was needed they offered up tough love and pushed us. All the while they always reminded us that we had a choice. Once that choice was made I needed to choose my attitude accordingly. It wasn’t always what we wanted to hear, but it was something that had an awesome impact on my life.

As a parent I now realize how difficult it can be to stay tough in those situations. It would be so much easier to give in and save the lesson for a later date. Doing so would do the boys a huge disservice and would reinforce the wrong behavior. I’m so thankful and appreciative of the strength of my parents when they pushed the tough love. They inspired me to take the right action today.

After offering Gavin the choice he made the right decision. There was some initial frustration but by the time I was taking him to practice he was excited and pumped to play; smiling even! It doesn’t get much better than that. Who knows, maybe he’ll remember this when his boys are in the same spot in the future…


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