Day 1,093 – Thankful for Lessons from a Master

I switched up my reading pattern a bit over the past few books.  Usually it’s business, biography, fiction.  Based on some great reads there were a couple of extra fictions.  Then to catch back up there was a string of business.  To get back into the routine I fired up a book that was kind of a mix of biography, fiction, and business.  Once finished it leaves me pretty open ended to explore any direction I’d like and still make progress.  Pow!

How did I stumble into a book that covers all my bases?  A lot of luck and great timing. 

On Writing by Steven King is half autobiography, half instructional manual, and half fictional review.  Yes, I know that’s three halves.  It’s a very fulfilling book! 

Long story short, it’s his story of how he started writing, the ways he crafts his stories, and how he’s applied that craft in his books.  With the book about losing my dad almost done with a the rough draft it is the motivation and direction I need to push me to the next step.  As luck would have it I even accidentally stumbled into one of the key steps; letting it simmer.

I still remember reading some of his amazing stories way back when I was a kid (Eyes of the Dragon and The Stand).  Some of my favorite audiobooks have also been his (Bag of Bones and The Outsider).  Being able to sneak behind the curtain and learn from one of the masters has been awesome and appreciated!  If he were to read this post and then write his blog for the day I think it might be:  Day 1 – Thankful for the Omission of an Unnecessary Adverb.  Just a hunch.  😉


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