Day 1,090 – Thankful for an Opportunity to Discuss Growth Mindset and Grit

IMG_2113 2

Today’s soccer game for Gavin may not have quite gone as he scripted it.  There were a couple of bright spots and lots to work on.  We won’t go into the weeds or anything as they aren’t necessary for this post.

After the game we hopped in the car and had a conversation very similar to some I used to have with my dad after a game.  They were never what I wanted to hear, but they were what I needed to hear.

We spent time talking about what I saw, what he felt, and the feedback he got from his coach.  He watched the video and gave his feedback.  It wasn’t comfortable, but it will hopefully help.

After all was said and done it was an excellent opportunity for us to talk about the importance of having a growth mindset and grit.  If we wish to achieve our dreams and goals we must find ways to continually improve.  We must use our passion to keep us pushing persistently towards the dream.  The decision to be successful is ours to make.

Today was a rough game, but it’s one that I hope he holds onto for a very long time as an example of how to be successful in the future.


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