Day 1,089 – Thankful for Being Back Home, Flight Conversations, and Taking Immediate Action

Ahh…  Being back home feels awesome!  Funny how even after being gone a short period reminds me of how much I appreciate being home.  Of all the happy places I’ve found in my life being home with my family is the happiest.  Spending some time nestled in our cozy living room is exactly what I needed tonight.  Ahh…  home.


When I boarded the jet in Chicago there were several completely open rows and someone sitting next to the seat I was supposed to be in.  I initially opted for an empty row but as a couple of other people came in after me I moved back to my assigned seat.  Normally I prefer to put in the ear buds and enjoy a little alone time.  This time I paused and the person next to me started a conversation.  Before I knew it we’d landed and we’d had an excellent time talking about careers, life, travel, the economy, and a common goal of visiting all the National Parks.  The conversation was a great way to pass the time.

One of the things we discussed at Sales Summit was goal setting.  In one of our trainings we talked about having to decide to make sacrifices to clear a path for our goals.  This isn’t anything new or earth shattering, but it’s a great reminder.  Over the past few days I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time thinking about the goals I’ve set for myself; especially the ones that are getting close to completion that just need a little extra oomph.  Today I packed up set of potential distractions, moved them down to the basement, and cleared more space for my goals.  The feeling of taking immediate action on something learned put a smile on my face.  Time for progress.


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