Day 1,087 – Thankful for Two Unbelievably Generous Surprises

When I say Express Employment Professionals is an incredible organization there are so many levels I could go to in order to prove the point. Tonight added a couple of generous surprises to the already long list.

At our awards celebration this evening I was so happy and surprised to see our Winona team win third place in the Brand It Blue Initiative. Thanks to the hard work and passion of our Winona team $3,000 will be donated to a local nonprofit organization near and dear to our hearts! (I’ll keep the organization a secret for now until we have the opportunity to share the news with them first)

While our team was celebrating and having our picture taken The second surprise hit… Our Menomonie team won second place and will have $7,000 donated to a local nonprofit organization! I’m so thankful for the hard work and passion of that team in nominating a very worthwhile organization for this awesome award and gift.

In less than a couple of minutes our franchisor, Express Employment Professionals, contributed $10,000 to two local nonprofit organizations that my teams are passionate about. How awesome is that???

Thank you so much Bill, Bob, and all of Express HQ for your generosity! Thank you so much to all of my teammates for taking action on their passion and helping such worthwhile organizations!


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