Day 1,086 – Thankful for a Vacation Joke that Just Keeps Going

Over the past week Becky and I have cracked the same joke probably over a dozen times and we’ve chuckled every single time.  A couple of years ago when we took the boys to Mount St Helens we stopped in the visitor center.  Prior to our visit I had no idea that it was run by the National Forest Service and not the National Park Service.  Up until that time I’d kind of taken for granted all of the awesome stuff that the NPS provides.


We wandered through the visitor center for a while and then Becky and I caught part of the same conversation between one of the employees and another visitor.  The visitor was asking where the beautiful map/pamphlet/guides were located.

At that point the NFS employee kind of dropped their eyes to the floor.  They kind of shuffled their feet and their lower lip almost seemed to stick out a little.  Then in the voice of disappointed child who knows they are disappointing their parents they said the words that Becky and I still joke about…

“The National Park Service are the ones who have those…”  Their voice then dropped to an even more pathetic sound of someone who’s completely given up, “We’re just the Forest Service.”

It was sad and yet oddly hysterical in a sad comic kind of way.  We both fought back the conflicting urges to give them a hug and crack up laughing.

Whenever we have or do something that’s a little disappointing we look at each other and say, “we’re just the Forest Service…”

Crazy to think that after two years we’re still laughing at the same vacation joke!


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