Today has been about the most Becky birthday we could ever have celebrated as a family. With it being kind of a big number one it was especially cool to have checked so many of her favorite things off the list.

First things first – we were sure to have a meal of ice cream, found a beautiful lake to sit beside (in the desert), we did a science related field trip to the Glen Canyon Dam, and there was even a math lesson in the car in between!

The real icing on the cake was hitting the Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons and the Grand Canyon (National Park #29 for us – only 32 to go!). To be able to spend time with her exploring such natural beauty was awesome.

Of all the awesomely Becky things we did today there was a moment that I’ll never forget for as long as I live. The look on her face and the emotion she showed when she first lay eyes on the Grand Canyon is something I will remember forever. In that one moment there are so many reasons I love her so dearly.

Thanks for sharing your special day with the boys and I today! Love you!!!


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