Day 1,046 – Thankful for Sensations of Nature Before the World Wakes Up

This morning I headed out with the girls to enjoy a nice walk to kick off the day. We were out the door shortly after 4:55am while it seemed like most of the world was still sleeping.

Once we got to our normal spot we walked in cool and dewy air under the light of the stars. While the girls ran and smelled I could fee my entire body relax. My senses were surrounded by so many wonderful things as I walked in the stillness of the dark. It seemed as if almost each of my senses got their own special treat (except taste for the obvious reasons).

My eyes enjoyed the stars above and the way the little bit of light reflected off the very still river. As the sky brightened there was a low lying fog that added a bit of surrealism. While looking back to check on the dogs I happened to catch a falling star (& made the requisite wish).

My ears heard so many different birds calling out more and more frequently as the dark slowly dissolved. There was also a sound of relative silence that was so peaceful compared to all of the noise that there would be once everyone else woke up.

My skin loved the feeling of cool air. There were pockets of even cooler air that I’d walk through and the sensation of going into and out of those short spots was amazing. The air had just a little bit of dampness and dew to it, it added to great feeling.

My nose enjoyed so many different smells. The funny thing is that I couldn’t even tell you exactly what they were. That said, I’d describe some as Spring, some as Summer, and some as Fall. As I moved along the road the smells would change and fade almost constantly.

While walking in the stillness of morning it helped me set my mind and attitude to the right channel for the day. A few times my mind wandered back to the calm of that walk and I could feel myself relax. In those moments I would pause and do a short checklist of what each sense picked up from the walk and I get more calm, in control, and on the right track.


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