Day 1,023 – Thankful for a Reminder of How Awesome Other National Parks Are Courtesy of #28

Sung to the tune of “Let Her Go” by Passenger:

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home
Only know you appreciate the majesty of National Parks when you go to Indiana Dunes
And you went to Indiana Dunes

Okay, maybe I made a couple of edits to the last couple of lines 😉 This one is totally and truly sincere even though it may not initially come across that way so please bear with me.

For reals, Indiana Dunes National Park was really a let down compared to the other National Parks we’ve been to. It wasn’t nearly as large or majestic. We weren’t left in total wonder of its grandeur or uniqueness. In a sense we’ve seen similar while up in the UP and the Sleeping Bear Dunes we’re going to later in the week will most likely dwarf them. Of all the 28 parks we’ve been too I think this was for sure in the bottom two (along with Gateway Arch NP).

Kreiling, you said this was truly sincere yet you’ve done nothing but it rip it apart so far. What gives?

First off, it is one of the 61 NPs Becky and I are going to visit. By visiting it means we’re one step closer to a pretty big and very important goal that we’re accomplishing together.

Second, I was there with my family. How awesome to experience any type of natural beauty with my family?

Next, while it was one of my least favorite parks it was amazing! To see how nature dumped that much sand in one place is wild, to grasp the idea of just how much sand there is was mind blowing. The lake was beautiful and so blue. We even saw a fisher (the animal) cross the road in front of us! It was awesome! Regardless of where it ranks within our NP experiences it was still very cool.

Last, when admiring the beauty and then realizing that it still ranks below so many other places it reminds me to appreciate each of those other experiences a little more. Suddenly Voyageurs seemed even more expansive, Isle Royale more quiet and solitary, and the mountains and glaciers of Kenai seem every more grand. When experiencing something so grand while realizing how much more incredible other things are helps me to appreciate each of those moments more.

Indiana Dunes, while you certainly aren’t my fav you were still pretty awesome. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to experience the beauty of the dunes, lake, and wildlife!


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