Day 1,022 – Thankful for Family Road Trip Concerts

Ahh… Everything at work has been wrapped up. All our stuff has been packed. We’ve got everything covered for watching our pets and house. The travel plans are all booked and prepped. Time to hit the road!

At one point on our drive Becky was driving so I could get some additional stuff done. When everyone fell quiet doing their own things Gavin piped up, “Can you please play The Strumbellas Concert list?” Heck yeah I can!

As we’ve both been known to occasionally do, Becky and I were both quietly singing along to the songs. At this point I’d jumped back behind the wheel. From behind me I heard a third voice join the mix in the car. It turns out Gavin has been listening more intently than I’d expected, now knows many of the lyrics, and decided to jump right in.

It was pretty wild to spend over an hour listening and singing along with the songs from that concert with the family. Talk about a totally relaxing way to kick off vacation!

I have to laugh because we just watched Step Brothers this weekend… for clarity, it was nothing like Derek’s family’s version of a road trip concert 😉 There were no singing lessons involved, no one was flat, and I didn’t save it with a solo. Our’s was a totally judgment free road trip concert with several off key notes and mistaken lyrics – all coming from me – and it was AWESOME!


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