Day 1,019 – Thankful for River Time with Old Friends and Being Blessed to Work with Great People

This afternoon the guys and I headed out to enjoy some chill time together doing something that we haven’t done together in a very long time, hanging out on the water. For almost five hours we had a wonderful time hanging out while enjoying the sun and the river. There’s something so awesome about sharing the activities we love with others, sharing that experience with them brought a ton of joy.

Another thing that warmed my heart throughout the day is the incredible people on my teams. Between moments of time alone with my thoughts and sharing stories with my friends of the great people I work with I was repeatedly reminded of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful teammates who are truly teammates, friends, and family to work with in my offices. When thinking about work occasionally today there was no stress or concern, only joy when thinking about how much I appreciate each of them and dreams we’re working to accomplish together. Knowing I’m surrounded by such talented professionals and great people is truly an excellent feeling!


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