Today I was totally lifted by so many people around me.  Throughout the run there was a continuous flow of extremely awesome positive vibes that powered me through.  I may have received a medal for finishing, but they are the real winners in my book and each deserve a medal.

The race was full of volunteers everywhere!  Seemingly around every corner was a water and aid station, first aid folks on bikes, and people pausing traffic to keep us safe.  Not only were there volunteers everywhere, but they all had such amazing attitude and huge smiles.  Each interaction was great and they helped out tremendously.  I am so thankful for the time and positive energy they gave to my fellow runners and I today.  They were AWESOME!!!

Another constant were the spectators all over the course.  Before I would turn a corner I could hear them from almost a block away, cheering as each runner went by.  There were funny and creative signs, there were loud cowbells, there were high fives, and smiles everywhere.  I used those positive vibes to power me through some times when I was feeling a little wasted.  No matter how I was feeling at the moment a huge grin would cross my face and I’d feel about 100 pounds lighter.  They were AMAZING!!!

Throughout the run (and even during the packet pick up) I encountered so many of my friends who also run.  With Becky not there I felt very much alone when Becky dropped me off (talk about a reminder of how much I appreciate running with Becky!).  It didn’t take long before a conversation was started with the couple sitting by me on the bus.  On top of the bluff while I waited for the start I ran into one friend, and then into a group of friends.  As the race was about to start I got a hug out of nowhere from yet another friend!  It was pretty cool to go from being lonely to being surrounded by friends.  Once the race was rolling the normal chatter between runners started and I was able to create more running friends as the miles added it.  Knowing there were so many friends around me was pretty sweet and very motivating.  They were INCREDIBLE!!!

It was a great run today and I’m so thankful for all of the people who did so much to lift me up during it.  Thank you all so much for each of the ways you all helped to raise me up today!


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