Day 923 – Thankful for Light Hearted History Lessons on Vacation and a Great Time with Friends

What a day it’s been and it’s not even close to being over! We’re currently on a walking tour so this one is going to be a little short and to the point…

The one big item on the agenda today was a food tour. We enjoyed it so much we turned around and signed up for the corresponding cocktail tour right afterwards. As a contrast to yesterday the history lessons today have been way more light hearted. They’ve been focused on food and booze throughout the history of New Orleans. It’s so much fun spending time hearing stories of days past and learning why things are called what they are and done the way they are today.

Also, we’ve had a blast hanging out with Kris and Justin this trip! I love these times to just chill and hang out with old friends. Usually Justin and I aren’t able to hang out when the girls get together so it’s extra special to get this time with the four of us. Talk about flashbacks to almost 20 years ago!


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