Day 920 – Thankful for a Picture of Dominic and His Buds

Yup, there are just some moments that get me right in the feels as a dad… and tonight had a couple of them.

Over the course of the week there’s been a handful of times when I was with Dominic and his friends. Many of them have been in transit from one thing to the next. I’ve had so much fun hearing them goof off, joke around, and give each other a hard time. They routinely have me laughing even in those short car rides.

Tonight was the musical that they were all playing a part in. Dominic, Sam, & Luke we’re backstage and Billy was in one of the lead roles. Not only did they do an incredible job, it was easy to see the huge smiles on their faces as they celebrated on stage together at the end.

As we exited Becky and I saw the group of them hanging out and goofing off with each other as normal. We congratulated them, joked around and then got a pic of the four of them together. It took a while, but we even got one with all four of them smiling!

After a big hug with Dominic we headed out to the car. Becky drove so I pulled up my phone to see if any of the pics had actually turned out. When I saw the picture above there was a little awesome leaking out of my eyes as I was simultaneously ecstatic for the boys and filled with joy remembering those moments with my friends back in the day. There’s something about that picture that shows me that Dominic’s future is pretty amazing with friends like that while it also reminds me of the awesome friends I’m so blessed to have in my life for the past 30+ years.

I paused and soaked in those memories and joy for a moment. Then I sent the pic to my best friends and explained why. At one point a long time ago I told the guys that when I had kids I hope they would be blessed to have an incredible group of friends like i have… and now I clearly see that wish has come true.

Becky!!! Quit cutting onions while you drive, it isn’t safe! šŸ˜‰

All those feelings of joy and happiness, all from one simple picture. What a blessing.


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