Day 978 – Thankful for Starting to Re-Read an Instant Classic – Essentialism

One of the tools I used to kickstart 2019 was a list of activities to focus on to make it a wonderful year.  Today I started following one of the fourteen activities…  re-reading five of the most important books I’ve read recently.  While I love reading a wide variety of books there are some “classics” that could be even more beneficial for me if I read and re-read them in more detail.  Diving in deeper into each of these books helps me get the concepts and insights more than by giving them each one good read.


The book I started going back through today is Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.  It’s a wonderful concept to go back to fresh off the heels of Atomic Habits and Digital Minimalism.  All three tie so tightly together it’s pretty amazing.  Once this is finished I’m going to head back to Designing Your Life as it seems to be the next in line on this series.

In reading it today I was amazed at some of the details and actions I had missed or forgotten the first time around.  There were also several concepts that I seemed to see a little more clearly now after taking some of the advice to heart.  This is proving to be a great way to pause and evaluate the gap between how I am performing to how I would like to be performing as well as showing me the roadmap of how to get there.  I can’t wait to see where I am in about 3-6 months when I read it again!


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