Woo hoo!!!  I turned the corner and am feeling great again!!!  Maybe not 100%, but much better than 24 hours ago and tremendously better than 48 hours ago.  Funny how a quick  heal can help me appreciate the feeling of being healthy.  Often I take for granted how great it is to be 100% well and good, it’s interesting how life throws us illness occasionally to remember to appreciate that sensation.  When someone commented on my ability to bounce back quickly I explained it was thanks to two things…  Tons of sleep and Becky’s willingness to help me get more sleep.

When I pulled into the office parking lot today I felt a deep sense of belonging and purpose.  When I joined my tribe in our office I felt at home.  Throughout the day as I jumped on my calls and into meetings everything just felt right.  Not everything went perfectly or anything, but it all just felt right.  As much as I love vacation I so appreciate being able to go to work, contribute towards a noble purpose, utilize my strengths to push forward, and work with people I love.  I am so grateful for my full on return to reality today.

As we were getting haircuts tonight I took some time to cull the herd of our recent vacation pictures.  In past vacations I’ve taken way too many (taking 3-4 at a time to make sure one turns out, just a way of life with two boys!) and it’s too time consuming and cluttered to go through all of the pictures.  I’ve learned that knocking the number down quickly after vacation can really make the viewing of pictures later a much better experience.

With being out on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning with illness it’s almost like today was my first “real” day back after vacation.  As I went through the pictures starting with our first day it was awesome to kick right back into those very fresh memories!  Each picture brought back memories of what we were doing, our meals, the jokes and stories, and the smiles in the experiences.  When I wrapped up because we were all done I smiled to myself…  I realized I’d only made it through the first day!  This is going to take a while, but I am okay with that!  😉



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